Are there risks in applying a ceramic coating?

With all their wonderful functional and aesthetic benefits, there are some things that can go wrong when applying a ceramic coating. Here are a few of the risks that you should be aware of:

a). Paint Correction. The paint needs to be absolutely clear of any imperfections and light scratches before applying the coating. If not, these paint imperfections will be locked in under the coating and you will not get the level of clarity, color and shine you could have if the paint was corrected beforehand.

We run across this phenomena with work done elsewhere. When we point out the water spots, swirls or light scratches under strong lights to someone who has a coating and explain the redo process and costs--if they want to go there---the disappointment on their face is very telling. To avoid this, we recommend correcting the paint before applying any semi-permanent coating.

Remember: Paint Correction is an art and a skill that not everyone has. Do your homework on the person or company you are thinking of doing this type of work.

b) .Proper environment. The application of the coating should be done in an indoor environment. There are some coatings that don't necessarily require it, but we always recommend doing all automotive coatings in a controlled indoor environment. The paint's surface must be extremely clean and free of any dust or debris before applying the coating. In an open air environment, it is difficult to control airborne contaminants.

If contaminants are on the clear coat during the application, they can mix in with the coating and form a rough, uneven surface that can negatively impact the look and functionality of the coating.

c). Cure times. Each type of coating has a particular cure time. If your vehicle is not cured properly and your vehicle is exposed to say, a rain shower, it can permanently pit your coating--requiring the coating to be removed and reapplied. This removal process is laborious, time-consuming and expensive!

d). Uneven results. The entire application process must be done systematically, carefully and methodically. It is a process that cannot be rushed nor done haphazardly.Each section of the vehicle must be carefully inspected and tested under the appropriate lights, before moving to the next section. If not, uneven thicknesses can occur affecting the overall quality, aesthetics and performance of the coating.

f). The reputation and integrity of the company or individual applying the coating. Coatings are expensive and and have it is best to do your homework. Ask questions. How much experience do they have? Are they certified? What do other customers say about their work? Do they guarantee their work? I would also be wary of the cheapest and the most expensive installers.

H2O Auto Spa is a certified installer of Ceramic Pro and is also a flag ship, Ceramic Pro Auto Spa .

We carefully select, train and supervise the technicians we allow to apply Ceramic Pro coatings. We have seven years experience applying coatings and have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all work we perform. If you are serious about doing a Ceramic Pro coating that right way, please come to us. For more information, please call: (225) 291-9902.

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