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Our Story

We began our journey into auto appearance business with the creation of H2O Auto Spa, a specialty car wash and high-end auto detailing center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2003.


In observing the auto detailing industry at that time, we noticed there was very little standardization and almost a complete lack of quality control. This situation created varying outcomes and many dissatisfied customers. We saw an opportunity.


Our strategy has been to apply processes and standards to everything we do to produce the consistent high-quality results our customers expect. We also realize that our customers require a high degree of customer service. We set out to accomplish these ends as our primary objective and they continue to be an integral part of our company culture today.


This focus on consistent quality, professionalism and customer service soon attracted the attention of luxury dealerships.Soon,we began training teams of technicains to be placed in dealerships.

This commercial side of the business grew vary fast and at one point we had staff in three cities in a number of luxury and non-luxury dealerships across Louisiana.


Today we process over 15,000 vehicles for our commercial dealership accounts alone!


In 2013 we were one of the first companies in Louisiana to bring ceramic coatings to the market --Gtechniq.--a UK bsed company. At that time, there were hardly any companies doing this and ceramic coatings were an exotic item in the vehicle appearance world.


How things have changed!


In 2019, we partnered with the world leader in Ceramic Coatings--Ceramic Pro. Their line of products were of the highest quality and their line of products were always being improved and expaned. Our clients loved them! We created Ceramic Pro Baton Rouge the same year.


Today, we are the ONLY Elite Dealer of Ceramic Pro  services in the state of Louisian with locations in Baton Rouge and Alexandria. We offer the whole suite of Ceramic Pro services, from ceramic coatings to Paint Protective Film (PPF) and Ceramic IR tint.

Of course, at both locations we continue to offer the same high quality auto detailing services we have become known for and we still provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our services!


We look forward to serving all your auto appearance needs! Come see us today or give us a call at: (225)291-9902

John Godsman


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