We specialize in the expert cleaning, sanitizing, and cosmetic restoration of luxury, sport, and utility vehicles, plus boats, and RV's for both private and commercial clients.

Our goal is to optimize the value, beauty and pleasure of our clients vehicles.


But there is more.


Our Story:


We started the business in 2006 with two main objectives: to deliver a consistent, high-quality product and to provide our customers  with the best customer experience possible.


We quickly realized that we were producing a luxury service --a service where the quality of the end product and our customers' experience had to match. 


We believe that this realization and focus has been one of the main drivers of our continued success.


In 14 years, H2O Auto Spa has been through many cycles but these two objectives have stayed remarkably strong and have built our reputation and a very loyal following.


One of the other keys to our long standing success has been our values---we believe in doing our best, having integrity and treating others like we want to be treated--The Golden Rule. 


The culture of professionalism, customer service, and integrity at H2O is not only important for our customers, it is also important to our team members. It has been responsible for attracting the most amazing, talented and wonderful people to work with.


We have a very diverse team of incredible people from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds. All tied together by our commitment to our common values and to our customers.


The last important key to who we are is YOU.


You are the star of our show. Without you, we would not exist let alone thrive. Our success is built by the grace, generosity and the willingness of our customers to trust us with their most prized possessions--their vehicles.


We are forever grateful and honored to have earned this trust. 

John Godsman