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LaserWash 360


The newest LaserWash® in-bay automatic car wash raises the standard for the touchless car wash experience! If you are tired of having your vehicle beat up in tunnel washes, try our touchless wash--the only one in Baton Rouge! Our touchless wash is perfect for luxury and ceramic coated vehicles as well as every other type of vehicle!

How it works:


You drive your vehicle into the wash bay and stop where the light indicates.The laser eye then measures your vehicle's size and shape and calibrates the machine so you are given the perfect wash that is customized to your vehicle's size.The only thing that touches your vehicle  is high pressure water, cleaning soaps and ceramic agents!



Nothing but water and cleaning agents touch your vehicle--no touch = no mechanical friction = no scratches of any kind!


Due to the high volume of vehicles that we ceramic coat at H2O Auto Spa, we worked with the car wash distributor to come up with a unique touchless car wash formulation that is specifically designed for ceramic coated vehicles. While the ideal is always a professional hand wash, we created this automated version to offer our customers a quick and convenient option that will clean and enhance---but will not harm--- ceramic coated vehicles!!!!!1!1!!A

Please note:


All touchless washes are for medium to lightly soiled vehicles and not appropriate for heavily dirty or muddy vehicles.

Non-coated vehicles are safe to go into this wash as well as into our adjacent Soft-Touch wash. 


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