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Riverfront Romance: Baton Rouge's Mississippi River Attractions

Baton Rouge, where the mighty Mississippi River flows gracefully, offers a captivating blend of history, culture, and entertainment along its scenic riverfront. Ceramic Pro Baton Rouge invites you to embark on a riverfront romance, exploring the attractions that make the Red Stick's connection with the Mississippi truly special.

USS Kidd Veterans Museum: A Naval Odyssey on the River

Begin your riverfront journey at the USS Kidd Veterans Museum, a floating tribute to the brave men and women who served in the United States Navy. Explore this historic naval destroyer and immerse yourself in the stories of courage and sacrifice that echo through its corridors. The panoramic views of the Mississippi from the ship's deck add a touch of maritime romance to your visit.

Baton Rouge River Center: Where Entertainment Meets the River

The Baton Rouge River Center stands as a cultural hub on the riverbanks, hosting concerts, performances, and events that infuse the city with energy. Whether you're attending a live show, a sporting event, or a convention, the River Center's location ensures that you're always in the heart of Baton Rouge's vibrant atmosphere.

Breathtaking Views at the Levee Overlook

For a moment of tranquility and awe, head to the Levee Overlook. This elevated vantage point offers sweeping views of the Mississippi River, providing a serene backdrop for contemplation or a romantic riverside stroll. It's a perfect spot to capture the essence of Baton Rouge's natural beauty.

Riverside Attractions: Entertainment and Recreation

Explore the various attractions lining the riverfront, from scenic parks like North Boulevard Town Square to the lively atmosphere of BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat or family-friendly fun, the riverbanks offer a diverse array of activities to suit every preference.

Baton Rouge Belle: Paddlewheel Perfection on the River

Complete your riverfront romance with a cruise aboard the Baton Rouge Belle. This authentic paddlewheel riverboat offers narrated tours that provide a unique perspective on the city's history and landmarks. As you glide along the Mississippi, let the gentle hum of the paddlewheel serenade you on this enchanting river journey.

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