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  • John Godsman

Does H2O Auto Spa the best car wash in town?

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

For many yes, for some no. Let me explain.

Many car washes today are tunnel operations.

A conveyor system can move hundreds of vehicles through a wash a day.To accommodate the vast array of vehicles through their wash--and to try to give each vehicle a good wash--they program their settings to find that sweet spot where the majority of people will get a good wash. A Tunnel System does not take into account the level of dirt or grime on a vehicle or the size and make of a vehicle. Its "a one size, fits all" model.

Unfortunately, many of our customers frequently tell us that tunnels are too rough and the pressure of the brushes too hard for their vehicles and that is why they come to us. There are ongoing reports of vehicles being damaged, with paint being scratched, moldings being ripped off and a host of other damages.The fact is that tunnel car washes are primarily for speed and convenience for the masses--and are not designed for the individual vehicle.

For those individuals who have invested in a luxury or exotic vehicle, car wash tunnels are not advised and should be avoided--especially if you want to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. Ideally, a professional, two-bucket system hand wash is the ultimate way to wash your vehicle but many people do not have the time nor the budget to make this a regular practice. The challenge remains how to maximize the good while limiting the bad when you do wish to use an automatic car wash.

Enter the PDQ Pro Touch Tandem and the PDQ Laser360 Touch-less car wash systems. How is this system better than conventional washes? This advanced technology uses sensory laser technology to scan the size and shape of your vehicle --once done, the car wash mechanisms adjust their positions to create the perfect wash for YOUR vehicle! A customized wash, sized to your vehicle, each and every time.

Our Laser Wash is completely touch-less ( watch our video of it in action on our website under Car Wash). Once the vehicle is measured, spray wands go around the vehicle delivering cleaning solutions and high pressure water to thoroughly clean your vehicle--without touching it!*** One caveat: This wash is best for medium to lightly dirty vehicles. Since there is no mechanical rubbing or touching the vehicle it is not suited for heavily muddied or dirty vehicles. This is the perfect maintenance wash for luxury and exotic vehicles.

The Pro Touch Tandem wash is our Soft Touch wash. It is excellent for for vehicles with light, medium and heavy dirt levels. Due to the Laser Technology, vehicles are measured and the machines adjusted for each type of vehicle. Large trucks like Duallies, and pick ups are easily accommodated.

In fact, I believe we are the ONLY wash in town that can wash these larger trucks.

So if you are looking for a super fast, convenient and cheap car wash and you are not too concerned about your vehicles condition or paint finish, there are many tunnel washes around.

If you have a luxury or exotic vehicle or want to have a more gentle yet effective experience for your vehicle, we will be your best choice. Please come by and check us out! Come into our office and we will give you a free wash to try our system if it is your first time!

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