Covid-19 Sanitization Treatments

H2O Auto Spa has been in the specialty cleaning business for 16 years and we are Biohazard Certified.

Our knowledge of surface science and the unique challenges various materials pose to properly clean and sanitize them---position us well to offer these specialized decontamination treatments.

Our newest Covid-19 treatment protocols effectively neutralize, sanitize and remove microorganisms, pathogens and viruses from a variety of mediums and surface materials. Recently, the NIH and Princeton University studied how long Covid-19 survived in the air and on cardboard, plastic, copper and stainless steel. They discovered that Covid-19 was detectable in the air for up to three hours, 24 hrs on cardboard, 4 hrs on copper and up to THREE DAYS on plastic and stainless steel. While the main mode of transmission is still believed to be mostly from large droplets sneezed or coughed on another, we can't rule out the possibility of transmission through surface and aerosol contact.

Vehicles are high-touch environments that are also fertile breeding grounds for a variety of microorganisms.

Our Covid-19 protocol for automobiles consists of cleaning the vehicle of debris and particulate matter, wiping down surfaces with appropriate disinfectants, high-powered steam, an ozone treatment to the entire vehicle (including A/C system) and an antiviral/antimicrobial 6 month coating applied to all surfaces. This protocol is subject to change based on the evolving situation with this virus but we believe this is more than adequate to effectively destroy and protect our customers from the Covid-19 virus in their vehicles.

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