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GTechniq Vehicle Protection Treatments:


Paint Protection: G-Techniq C1 Crystal Lacquer Nano Coating


The application of a Nano (Ceramic) Coating can give your vehicle an unparalleled level of shine and a deep gloss that is quite dramatic.


It also adds a significant layer of extra protection to the clear coat of your vehicle, protecting your vehicle from light scratches, environmental fall-out, sap, bird droppings and acidic bug residue.


But due to its very deep paint bonding properties, it can also be a risky procedure if it is not applied properly or not performed by a reputable company that stands by its work.


The proper cleaning and clearing of paint imperfections are a vital and a necessary first step before any Nano (Ceramic) Coating can (or should) be applied to a vehicle.


Prep Stage: Paint Correction:


The Paint Correction Process removes light to moderate scratches, swirls and hazing of the clear-coat, restoring the paint to a deep and glossy finish---a necessary requirement in order to bring out the clarity, depth and beauty of the paint.


Making sure the vehicle’s paint is as free as possible from any imperfections and defects PRIOR to the application of a Nano or Ceramic Coating is crucial to achieving the amazing look and durable surface characteristics Nano Coatings are famous for.


Upon arrival at our shop, our Detail Manager, will inspect your vehicle. Depending on the size and condition of your vehicle, the Detail Manager, will give you an estimate on the amount of time required to completely correct your paint, apply the Nano Coating and what its estimated curing times are. All prices will be reviewed and any questions answered.


If you have deeper scratches that are beyond being fixed through paint correction, they will be shown to you by our Detail Manager and you can make the personal decision on whether to go forward (or not) with the Nano Coating Application.


Paint Correction Process:


  • A physical and visual assessment of vehicle is made with customer.
  • A explanation of the Paint Correction Process, times, prices and curing times will be fully explained so the customer can make an informed decision.
  • Vehicle is Hand Washed using Mitts and a Two-Bucket System.
  • All water spots are removed from all paint and glass surfaces.
  • Clay Bar Treatment is hand applied over entire surface of vehicle to remove surface contaminants.
  • A four-stage paint correction process that incorporates a variety of compounds to completely remove light scratches, swirls, and hazing in the paint.
  • Rinse
  • Hand dry
  • Gentle Solvent panel wipes used to remove all dust.



Paint Correction:


Time Estimates and Prices:


Small/Coup: 2-3 hours $275.00   | Midsize: 3-4 hours $300 | Large: 4-5 hrs $325


Extra Large: Oversized by estimate.*



C1 Crystal Lacquer-- G-Techniq Nano Coatings:


This G-Techniq Nano Coating can last 2-3 yrs, if the vehicle is properly cared for and maintained. (Ask our Detail Manager for more info).


Once vehicle is completely clean and paint corrected, one complete coating of G-Techniq C1 Crystal Lacquer Nano Coating is applied to all exterior surfaces of your vehicle.


Application Process:


After the appropriate cleaning and preparation of the paint and all dust is removed from the exterior of the vehicle, the C1 Crystal Lacquer is hand applied with applicator pads in a controlled indoor environment.


The vehicle is then allowed to cure for 12-24 or more hrs depending on humidity, temperature and outside weather conditions.




Small/Coup: $450   Midsize/ 4-Door Sedan: $550  Large/SUV/Trucks: $650


Extra Large/Over-sized vehicles: By estimate.



G-Techniq Interior Coatings:


G-Techniq makes a wide variety of specialty coatings for every interior surface material of your vehicle, from glass, to leather, to fabric, to carpets, and all metals. These surface coatings protect your car’s interior from UVB/UVA sun damage, water and liquid spills, and stains of all kinds.


For keeping your vehicle in a like new condition, please consider these amazing products and get your interior surfaces protected!




Small/Coupe: $250    Midsize/4 door Sedan: $300   Large/ SUV/Truck: $350


Extra Large/ Oversized: By Estimate.



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