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Soft Touch Car Wash





The Brilliance Wash Plus:




Beads and repels water on glass, paint, trim and chrome.

Provides greater visibility resulting in safer driving in poor weather.

Bonds and protects your vehicle's surface - preventing rust and maintainang your vehicle's value

Levels minor surface irregularities and adds a high gloss shine.


Prices: $15.00




The Vivid Wash Plus:


Multiple pass high pressure touch free/soft touch wash - done simultaneously

Bug treatment

Tire and Wheel cleaner

Double hot citrus presoak

Aromatic triple foam polish

Prices: $12.00



Maintenance Treatments:




Includes Essential Wash plus:


Double pass soft touch wash

Wheel and rocker panel blast

Clear coat conditioner


Prices: $9.00





It is what it is:


Undercarriage flush

Soft touch wash

Soft fresh water rinse

Crystal clear spot free rinse

60 HP high velocity blowers.


Prices: $6.00



Complete Surface Protectant:

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